Accelerate Economic Development

By partnering with Techstars, you will gain an advantage in cultivating a startup ecosystem that will induce measurable, long term positive social and economic impact. When entrepreneurs have the resources, tools, and support they need to thrive, so can the greater community and economy as a whole.

Startup Community Catalyst

Since 2009, Techstars has worked with more than 1,850 cities and over 175 countries around the world to build thriving startup communities. Recognized as a thought leader in ecosystem development, Techstars can bring our expertise to help you develop your local startup community and serve as a catalyst for increased startup activity, investments and economic diversification.

Leverage our global startup ecosystem expertise and network

For over 15 years, Techstars has worked with and helped develop more than 1,000 startup ecosystems around the world

Accelerate economic vitality

A strong entrepreneurial ecosystem is key to job growth and economic development

Create a sustainable ecosystem flywheel

By building a strong ecosystem foundation with experts and resources, the growth and momentum can continue to make a long term impact

Maximize your impact

Creating a thriving startup ecosystem will allow you to impact local aspiring entrepreneurs, business owners, government agencies, community leaders and corporations

Impactful results that can be measured

By measuring progress in real time, we can bridge the gap between your current state of the entrepreneurial ecosystem and one that allows you to achieve your full potential

Enabling local community leaders to succeed long term

Developing local community leaders from the start creates a supported and sustainable ecosystem


Why Startup Community Catalyst?

By partnering with Techstars, we not only work with you to create the foundation for a vibrant entrepreneurial ecosystem through a mixture of ecosystem development activities, but we will equip your community leaders, entrepreneurs and local investors with the tools and activities they need to ensure your startup ecosystem can thrive for years to come.


Building startup ecosystems in Japan with JETRO

Techstars has been instrumental in helping to expand and grow the Japanese startup and innovation ecosystem. There are many players involved in helping Japanese startups and creating a strong sustainable ecosystem, and partners like Techstars are key to that mission. Techstars’ efforts in Japan have increased the attractiveness of Japaneses startups, as well as encouraged new entrepreneurs. This will lead to job creation, improvement of existing products and services, and overall value and growth of Japan’s economy.

Ken Yoshida

Executive Director

Japan External Trade Organization

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