Gain access to Techstars portfolio companies

Our Global Network Partners have the opportunity to get their solutions and services in front of 3,400+ startups in our growing portfolio and build relationships with founders from the beginning of their entrepreneurial journey. As they scale their businesses and their needs change, partners can engage every step of the way by sharing their expertise and suite of services and solutions.

Global Network Partnership

As a Global Network Partner, you'll have access to a diverse group of more than 3,400 early stage startups all focused on growing their business. By working with startups early on, you'll increase customer lifetime value and have the opportunity to touch each stage of the buyer's journey, ultimately acquiring the right customers for your services and solutions. Recognized as one of the largest pre-seed investors in the world, we continue to add hundreds of companies to our portfolio each year, giving our Global Network Partners access to more early stage startups.

Increase customer lifetime value

By working with founders at the beginning of their entrepreneurial journey, their need for solutions and services will continue to increase as they scale their business

Build brand recognition within the startup community

Increase brand awareness in the Techstars network and greater startup community through multiple logo and activation opportunities

Enable founders to make better business decisions

Create content and master class sessions that highlight industry expertise and knowledge

Build strong relationships with founders

Engage with startups through multiple touch points both in program and post program

Touch each stage of the buyer's journey

An effective way to reach target customers at every stage as they move through the purchasing process

Acquire the right customers

Our portfolio of companies includes startups at each stage of fundraising ranging from pre-see to Series C and beyond from a variety of industry verticals


Why Global Network Partnership?

In today's environment, founders are focused on turning their vision into a thriving company and often don't have the internal resources, time, or knowledge to cultivate all the areas of their business. The solutions and services from our Global Network Partners can help fill those gaps while building meaningful relationships with startups in our portfolio from idea to exit.

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“Startups and founders have always been at the heart of Brex, and are the customers we've served since day one. We're incredibly excited to partner with Techstars to help provide more resources and benefits to help founders grow their business and increase their likelihood of success.”

Henrique Dubugras

Co-founder and Co-CEO


Some of our Partners

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